Your Birth Day Numerology

bday numerologyEveryone has a date of birth and in numerology, the day that you were born on holds immense amounts of significance. Although some believe that the birth date significance is not precise enough, many believe that it can predict how a person’s temperament will be and exactly what type of endeavors would better suit that person. The birth date significance of a person is often referred to as being able predict how a person reacts to life’s challenges.

When determining your birth date number you will most likely be able to see a part of yourself in the description. Although some people don’t believe these descriptions to be accurate, they are in fact quite reliable. The birth date numbers are directly connected with your life path cycle numbers and they can tell a lot about the type of person that you are and will become.

Knowing what your birth date number significance is may be able to give you a little more insight on your life and how you react to certain situations. Most numerology systems use solely the day of the month during which you were born to determine many facts about you in life. However, using a single day as a reference is why many people don’t believe in this type of numerology.

When comparing the birth date significance of a person along with the main numerology readings as well as the astrological readings, it is surprising to see that they all seem to line up with one another. They all tend to have similar results which allow you to see just how strong the impact of the day that you were born on has in your life.

Determining what your skills are by taking a look at your birth date significance can be seen as a gift. Knowing how you excel in life can make it a lot easier for you to get through certain life challenges and face obstacles with your strong points. When you know exactly what skills make you the best person that you can possibly need, facing life issues seem to become a lot easier than ever before.

Unlike many aspects of numerology, double digits are not reduced to single digit numbers. However, the fact that you are born on a single digit day or on a double digit day will have a huge impact on the skills and strengths that you have. Being born on a double digit day gives you more details on your skills and life path than single digit days.

When born on a double digit day you can use all three numbers of your birth date. For example, if you are born on the 23rd of April, you can look at the number 23, the number 2 and the number 3. All three of these numbers apply to your date of birth and they will allow you to get a more in depth reading. It is also important to note that the month you are born in has no significance when reading the birth date numbers; whether you’re born on the 23rd of April or on the 23rd of June, your number will always be 23.

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