The Personal Year Cycles in Numerology Explained

woman-meditate-beach-numbers-304x257Numerology can be used for an uncountable amount of purposes such as figuring out the deeper meaning of your name or even finding out what the numbers of your birth date represent. Being able to use numerology in order to make predictions and get more insight on your life will allow you to use your newfound knowledge to your advantage. The personal year cycles are often misinterpreted by new numerology enthusiasts, yet these are highly important in the life of an individual.

Being able to calculate the personal year cycles is the first step towards getting more insight on past years or even on years to come. The personal year cycles will come back from time to time and this is quite normal as it’s the circle or life. Knowing which personal year cycle that you are in at the moment will allow you to have a better understanding of what is happening in your life.

Whether there have been major changes such as buying a new house or even getting pregnant or even if the changes were minor, the information provided to you by the personal year cycles will allow you to understand these changes. Getting more in depth insight on what and why these changes are happening in your life will simplify your life and help you get rid of stress.

Just like in most numerology systems, the number 9 often comes back. There are 9 unique personal year cycles that you can be in and each one of them has a different type of path. Knowing which personal year cycle you are in will allow you to take life changes into consideration and accept them more easily.

Not only is it beneficial for you to know which personal year cycle you are in at the moment, but it is also great to know what is ahead. Being able to determine the future personal life cycles will allow you to be better prepared for what lies ahead in your life. Numerology acts as a way to restore balance in the life of an individual and getting prepared for what has yet to happen will rid yourself of anxiety issues.

When calculating the personal life cycle of any given year you will need to use your day of birth, the month that you were born as well as the year that you want to know more information about. You can calculate the personal year cycle for any year of your choice, be it next year or even if it was 60 years ago; the results will always be just as precise.

Calculating your personal year cycle is extremely simple and you can do so even if you have very little knowledge about numerology. First you will want to bring all of your numbers down to single digits. For example; if your birth date is the 22nd of February and you want to calculate it for the year 2013, you will have to reduce all of the numbers. The results would look like this; 4, 2 and 6.

In order to find your personal year cycle you simply need to add all of the resulting numbers together and then once again you will have to reduce that number to a single digit. The example above would be equal 12; after reducing the number to a single digit it would be 3. So your personal year cycle would be 3.

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