The Numerology of 666: Is There Really Evil In This Number?

666-antichrist_02The number of the beast, 666 is popularly known as being the most evil number known to mankind.  Although Iron Maiden and other metal bands from the 80’s adopted this number and made the significance of evil even more prominent, it actually dates back to ancient times. Can such a number hold a strong vibration of evil and does using this number in everyday life mean that you’re promoting the devil?

The way a number is interpreted will define whether it is good or bad because at its source, a number is neutral. In Numerology, Numbers are simply symbol according to the person who is reading them. Although the Bible mentions the number 666 in the Book of Revelations, it is often up for discussion on whether it should be interpreted as an evil number or a good one.

666 is a number that has been made popular according to the significance that the Christian church gave it. However, there are many religions in the world and not all religions view the number 666 as a holder of evil vibrations. In fact, some view it as a number that signifies loyalty and prosperity.

In the more spiritual based religions, the number 666 is identified as being a number of greatness. In spiritual religions, the number 6 is often referred to as being a feminine number that represents idealism and loyalty. Being a triple number makes it even stronger because some religions consider tripled numbers to have three times the power.

Scientifically speaking, the number 666 is often associated with human beings. Rather than being considered the devil’s number, humankind is often identified as being the ‘’beast’’ that is mentioned in the Book of Revelations. We as humans are made up of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons which equates to a number of 666. We are also known for being the only living species on the planets that self-destructs; perhaps mankind is the so-called devil.

The Kabbalah also views the number 666 differently than the Christian church; they view it as a holy number. The Kabbalah views the number 666 as being the base of all life; the dimensions of all physical things are co-related to this number according to the Kabbalah. The number 6 is often repeated three times in such religions in order to triple its power, strength and significance.

Many people have been associated with the number 666 in history and these people were believed to be the true Anti-Christ during their time. Aleister Crowley, an occultist during the early 1900’s is well known for being marked by the beast. Made popular by Black Sabbath in the 80’s, Mr. Crowley spent his entire life searching for the darkness of spirituality.

Nero, a controversial roman emperor who is believed to have started the great fire of Rome was also considered an Anti-Christ. The number 666 was associated with his name and he brought upon great amounts of evil during his reigning years. Burning people alive simply to create a light source and other evil ways doomed him with the number of 666.

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