The Meaning of the Number 8 in Numerology

8-204x300The number 8 is one of the most difficult numbers to understand when it comes to numerology. Many people mistake the significance of the number 8 simply because it often represents success, infinity and other wonderful aspects of life. However, the number 8 has much more to it than simple awarding you with good luck and prosperity.

The significance of the number 8 is often referred to as being a sign that you will go far in your career and that you will achieve financial success. However, this is a misinterpretation because the true significance of the number 8 is balance. Balance is not always a good thing, but most people consider the fact that having the number 8 in their name or birth date will bring them positive balance.

In reality, the number 8 when associated with numerology means that you will receive what you give. The perfect karmic balance will apply to your life in somewhat of an accelerated pace. The good that you project to the world will be returned to you, but the same applies to the negative aspects. For a person who projects negativity, they will receive negativity in return which is why the number 8 does not always mean riches and career achievements.

Although the number 8 makes it easier for people to materialize their spiritual goals, it does not mean that you will always receive what you demand. You can’t simply ask for a million dollars and receive such an amount. Instead you will be more likely to receive tools in order to facilitate your goals and desired achievements in life.

Money is often desired in life, but in the spiritual world, money has no significance other than being a tool. Money in the spiritual world is viewed as a tool that allows us to attain goals. For example; if you wish to go to university in order to attain the job of your dreams, money that is necessary for such an endeavor will most likely appear in your life.

Only the money necessary will be made available to those with the number 8 because it acts as a tool and not an actual material possession. However, people who have the number 8 in their life path are much more likely to succeed in their careers and in financial areas of their lives. They have the tools necessary to do so and with a bit of hard work and effort they can attain their goals.

The number 8 does not only have a money oriented angle; it focuses on many other aspects of life as well. The number 8 is often associated with traits such as ambition, organization, efficiency, discipline and control. These traits allow people to succeed in life and that is also why people with the number 8 often have successful careers with great ambitions.

Like all other numbers, the number 8 also has negative aspects as well. Not being combined with the proper numbers will cause people with the number 8 in their names to experience anger, frustration, insomnia and even dissatisfaction in life.

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