The Association of Emotions with Numerology

numerNumerology has been around for thousands of years and has long been used for determining the fate of a person. The Pythagorean numerology system has become the most widely used system in the world. Most people tend to view numerology as a way of figuring out more insight about the meaning of their name or day of birth. However, numerology consists of much more than simply adding numbers together.

The emotions of a person will greatly be determined by the numerological path. Numerology has several different aspects to it and depending on the day of your birth, your full name and other personal details, you will have different emotions. Although many believe this to be false, numerology is actually quite precise and can be compared to mathematical or even scientific formulas.

The emotional core of a person will vary, but more often than not, the information provided to you by numerology readings is quite precise. In fact, numerology will be able to determine how a person views themselves in the world. A person can easily figure out their strengths and weaknesses by using numerology. Whether a person is self-confident or has anxiety issues when going into public places, numerology will be able to determine this.

When comparing the numbers of one person with another who has similar numbers in their life path, the emotions often relate. Since numerology is more of a science rather than a religion, the data is often extremely precise. You can even determine what type of person your child will grow up to become even when they are still a baby.

In order to calculate the results of a person’s emotional core features, the full birth date is normally the numbers that are calculated. This includes the year that a person is born, the month and the exact day. Although many believe that two people born on the same day can turn out to be quite different from one another, there are many ways to view the emotional core of an individual.

Emotions in numerology have positive and negative aspects and it is impossible to know exactly which direction a person will take. It is always recommended to focuses solely on the positive factors, but through life challenges, this becomes quite difficult. Nonetheless, the results that you receive as an emotional core will provide you with more insight on both your positive and negative sides.

Numerology allows people to balance their emotions by having a better understanding of them. Just like meditation brings upon a higher level of inner peace, so does numerology. Being able to know exactly what inhibits you from moving forward in life such as negative emotions is highly important in order to retain balance.

With numerology being a direct way of understanding the spiritual world, it makes it easier for us to understand how our emotions play a huge role in the physical world. By calculating your emotional core with numerology you will have more ease at repairing your spiritual body in order to make it more functional in the physical realm.

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