Interpreting Pinnacles in Numerology

pinnacleThere isn’t a person alive who hasn’t had major changes occur during their lifetime. It would be amazing to be able to predict when and how a major life moment was to occur. Fortunately, numerology allows us to predict such occurrences with actual precision. Since numerology is more of a science than anything else, it is able to basically pinpoint a time in your life when you will experience major changes, obstacles or experience wonderful news.

When a person is thought to experience a major change, in numerology it is called a pinnacle. These pinnacles allow people who perform numerology readings to know when a major event is going to happen and although you won’t know what will happen, you can still be prepared for such an occurrence. Numerology won’t pinpoint the precise hour and location at which the occurrence will happen, but it will most likely be quite accurate.

The pinnacles in numerology are divided into 4 different age groups which are often referred to as being similar to the seasons on the planet. The first age group is normally from birth all the way to the early 30’s. The second age group is for people between the ages of roughly 30 and 40. The third age group is for individuals of 40 to 50 with the last group being people of 50 and over.

Pinnacle age groups are often compared to the seasons on this planet with spring being the first age group and winter being the last. Spring is a moment of rebirth; leaves grow back on trees, flowers blossom and everything seems to grow back. For those who believe in reincarnation, the first pinnacle group is similar to this since newborns are reborn into the world once again.

Summer is compared to the second age group because it’s when you tend to enjoy life at the most. Summer has beautiful sunny days with days swimming in lakes, fireworks and simple life enjoyment. People in their 30’s normally purchase their first house, have young children and take part in many beauties of life.

The third age group, the 40 to 50 age group is often compared to as being like the third season; autumn. Autumn has changing colors, the leaves tend to fall and preparation for the cold season is necessary. People in their 40’s normally begin losing their hair or their hair turns grey, they start preparing for retirement and a loss of energy is normally experienced.

Finally winter is often compared to as being similar to the final age group, the 50 and over age group. Winter is cold, the sun is hidden, many people experience mood swings and it seems to last forever. As people age, they get cold due to loss in blood flow, they get moody and the last years of life seem to take forever due to the lack of being able to move around as easily as before.

When you know what your pinnacle numbers are, you can figure out what each one of these periods of your life will be like.

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