How Numerology is used in Modern Times

numerologysp1Numerology is a system that has been around for many centuries and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It all began in the vicinities of the 6th century BC when Pythagoras determined that there was a solid relationship between the numbers that we know and the spiritual world that still remains mysterious to this very day. These patterns noticed where the founding blocks for numerology systems.

Modern day numerology is not as different as the systems that were created thousands of years ago. It seems as though the creators of the first numerological systems created perfection because to this day we still use many of the first created numerology systems. Be it the Chinese Lu Sho grid, the Pythagoras numerology system or even Chaldean numerology, we still implement these systems in our everyday lives.

Although the systems remain highly similar to the first created systems, minor modifications have been brought upon them in order to adapt them to modern times. One of the biggest changes that have been brought upon the traditional numerology systems in order to modernize it was the change in the alphabet.

When numerology first started, it was adapted to the 22 letter Hebraic alphabet, but it was later changed to fit the Greek alphabet. However, since we now mainly use the Roman alphabet in our daily lives, the numerology systems have been adapted to fully fit with our existing 26 letter alphabet. As our alphabet continues to progress, so will numerology systems; if someday we end up having a 28 letter alphabet, numerology systems will then need to be adapted once again.

Regardless of these minor changes, the numerology system that we use today still has a lot in common with the original systems that were first brought to our world. There is a reason for that and it is actually quite simple. Numerology is a sort of science along with mathematical formulas. You can apply numerology in a similar way that you can apply algebra formulas to calculate numbers.

Since numerology systems are scientific and revolve around math, the systems cannot be changed immensely. Although new thoughts, theories and ideas can be brought to numerology in order to make the calculations more precise, the existing systems are functional. Changing a numerology system in order to make it function differently would be similar to changing math formulas; it can’t be done.

Numerology systems are considered to be divine systems of nature and changing them is practically impossible. Once they were discovered many thousands of years ago, there was nothing left to do expect try and learn as much as possible about them.

Just like when mankind discovered that the earth was round and not flat; the only thing they could do was try and discover more about the earth. Changing the numerology systems that were implemented thousands of years ago would be like attempting to change the fact that the earth is round. In the end, we still use the Pythagorean numerology system to this day.

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